Interactive and Performance Art by Tripp

philharmonic live painting

Live Painting

Tripp has developed and provided entertainment for numerous events with his interactive live paintings.

Pictured: In Partnership with the Philharmonic Society of Orange County, Tripp created a 25 min live performance painting with Grammy nominated pianist Joyce Yang (music composition by Robert Schumann). This performance was a prelude to the Laguna Beach Music giving attendees a one-of-a-kind private experience.


Scenic Painting

The sky is the limit on where Tripp can create. He provides entertainment for his 6K+ followers on Instagram by demonstrating his ability to paint in different environments!

Pictured: Underwater Painting in Barbados


Virtual Reality

Tripp creates completely one of a kind alternate universes in virtual reality. Using Google Tilt Brush, he creates trippy environments, and immerses viewers into never before seen 360° universes.

With unlimited potential, these environments can be developed for just about anything. The viewer is submerged into an experience that is absolutely unforgettable.

Pictured: Tripp developing a branded experience for Crystal Head Vodka in which viewers are taken through a virtual branded playground.


Bespoke Tripp Art

Tripp has created multiple vibrant bespoke pieces for individuals and large companies. He has created customized trainers, belts, jackets, bags, purses, sculptures, and centerpieces.

Pictured : 210 customized trainers for the London Design Center.


Tutorials & Demos

Tripp is a featured artist on NBC’s premiere art streaming service, BluPrint. He has taught numerous tutorials, such as hydro dipping, dirty pours, and other methods of DIY art processes.

He was also a contestant on BluPrint’s Doodle Wars, an artist competition show showcasing different talents and putting them in front of judges.


Mixed Media Installations

Whether it’s a high end trade show or exclusive parties, Tripp creates engaging one-of-a-kind installations based on the theme or industry. These provide not only entertainment for the guests, but also create opportunities to interact with the overall brand facing experience.

Pictured: Tripp with custom painted suitcase installation for HRPR (Travel) trade show.

body paint

Body Painting

Tripp creates a unique experience on any canvas, including the human body!

Pictured: Tripp painting details on a model, painted in front of and in likeness to his painting Cosmo Candy.

SyFy mural

Interactive Murals

In partnership with SYFY and NBC, Tripp and his team created a completely unique experience for the 400,000 New York Comic Con attendees over 4 days.

Tripp created and executed a 400 piece interactive puzzle that changed designs each day. Attendees were able to choose their own 3”x 3” tile and with Tripp’s hands-on guidance were able to create a bigger picture.